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Krijay Govender
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Book The SoapGirls

Camille and Noemie are both hot and sexy young girls. The SoapGirls are signed up with Universal.

The SoapGirls have had more than 1000 hits on Youtube and have had 3 big radio hits:

* The SoapGirls Sour
* The SoapGirls Hurricane
* The SoapGirls Lucky Tonight

The SoapGirls have been performing in the public since a young age (9/10) and before their music career were known for The SoapGirls charity drive which spanned over 8years where The SoapGirls sold handmade soap (Hence the origin of their name The SoapGirls) for various charitable causes, notably public hospitals like Groote Schuur hospital where you will find their names written on the donor boards. The SoapGirls have inspired adults/children corporate, locals and tourist over the many years. Appearing on TV shows and publications both local and abroad!
Approximately 6 years ago The SoapGirls began working with various producers eventually writing and having produced a catchy song which they then sent off to various record labels. Benjy Mudie a stalwart in the South African Music Industry was the first to sign up The SoapGirls on behalf of Universal Music being the A and R for the Pop Divison of Universal Music. Thus began the official journey of The SoapGirls as a now recognised Girl Band.

The SoapGirls most renowned for their Hit Song “Sour” which topped the charts at no 5 and made it onto the Now 59 compilation. This was just the beginning of The SoapGirls introduction to audiences. The SoapGirls have since released two other singles, “Lucky Tonight” which has enjoyed much radio airplay and their latest single “Hurricane” released just over a month ago, is steadily on its way to become another SoapGirls Hit! The SoapGirls simultaneously released their first music video for Hurricane which can be found on YouTube and has also been picked out and is to be found on the latest Now21DVD. The SoapGirls album Xpereince released Dec last year (since a week ago it has been released in France/Japan/UK itunes) is full of surprises! Eleven hot tracks each with their own personality which means each song has its own flavour! The SoapGirls have recently gotten 3 club remixes which are already enjoying airplay on radio shows across the Atlantic like New Zealand.

The SoapGirls are both Parisian born and immigrated to South Africa many years ago so The SoapGirls consider themselves French-African! The SoapGirls recently turned 19 and 20 are without a doubt turning the South African music scene on its head! The SoapGirls are renowned for their heels, unabashed style of dress and mostly their attitude which is pure POP! The SoapGirls are quirky, fun and definitely push the boundaries.

Book The SoapGirls Now.


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