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Book a Beatboxer

We exclusively manage Morgan Beatbox

Also known as a vocal percussionist. We have several amazing beatboxers in our books. We book the top beatboxers such as Morgan, Beatmaster T, Drum Kit and Prototype. Some of our beatboxers are also professional disk jockeys. It's absolutely incredible how they can produce the sounds of all these instruments together, making wonderful music. Whether you want a beatboxer for a festival, a beatboxer for your corporate function, a beatboxer for your night club, a beatboxer for a product launch, or a beatboxer for your private party, then speak to us. As an addition, you can book some breakdancers with our beatboxer.

What is a Beatboxer?

Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion. Beatboxing involves the art of producing musical sounds, drum beats, and rhythm using one's mouth, tongue, lips and voice. Beatboxing can also involve vocal imitation of turntablism, singing, and the simulation of musical instruments.

South Africa's most well known beatboxers include: Morgan beatbox, George Avakian, Blast, Andrew Herring and Drum Kit.

Book a beatboxer Now.

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