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Book a Stage Mentalist

Definition of a Mentalist:

A mentalist is a performer who does mind magic. A mentalist performs feats of mind reading, influence and persuasion, hypnosis, future predictions, clairvoyance, and telekinesis. Some mentalists are magicians who specialize in performing mental effects, other mentalists claim to have mental powers. Most mentalists delve into the arts of hypnosis, psychology, magic, NLP, psychic readings, body language, cold readings and even pickpocketing. The most well known celebrity mentalists worldwide include Derren Brown, Richard Osterlind and Max Maven.

Some mentalists are also professional hypnotists. The most well known mentalists in South Africa are Ranfinikus and Gilan Gork. There are several magicians nationwide who perform mentalist acts in their performance.

There are 2 major forms of mentalists:
You get street mentalists and stage mentalists. Street mentalists busk around walking in the streets performing their art. Stage mentalists perform on stage in theatres or in fron of hundreds of patrons.

The 3 most well known mentalists in South Africa include: Gilan Gork and Ranfinikus.

We have the perfect Stage Mentalist for you.

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