Oompah Band
German Band
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Oompah Band
Bavarian Band

Book an Oompah Band

We have several amazing Oompah Bands available for German Beerfest. At your next Oktoberfest, book our German Oompah bands. We have many Bavarian bands available. Listen to some of your favourite German music. Whether you want an Oompah band or a Bavarian band, call us.

We have the following Oompah Bands:
The Bill Buskers
The Eisbeins
The Beer Mugs
and many more Oompah bands

These Oompah bands are perfect for your next German Beerfest or Oktoberfest.

A lot of our Oompah bands also playes other genres of music which they incorporate in their performance at the German Beerfests and Oktoberfest.

Book an Oompah Band Now.

+27 (0)87 943 9435 German Beerfest Band
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