Stage Hypnotist
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Stage Hypnotist

Book a Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Book a corporate comedy stage hypnotist for your next corporate event or corporate function. A comedy stage hypnotist creates amazing moments of wonder and delight.

Comedy Stage Hypnosis

Comedy Stage Hypnosis is the magic of the mind. It is arguably the best form of comedy entertainment. You may laugh so hard, that your voice will go hoarse. Comedy Stage hypnosis is great for corporate functions, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, conventions, golf days, birthday parties, schools, night clubs, pubs and festivals. In our rainbow nation, comedy stage hypnosis is the ultimate form of entertainment which communicates to all ages and classes.

Our Comedy Stage Hypnotists

We, at Standing Ovations Entertainment, pride ourselves in having the largest database of professional comedy stage hypnotists in South Africa. Standing Ovations Entertainment are specialists in booking the top notch magicians and stage hypnotists nationwide. All of our comedy stage hypnotists have received countless standing ovations, and are an excellent choice for your event. We attend several comedy hypnosis shows yearly, quality assessing them, so that we only book the best comedy stage hypnotists nationwide. Most of our professional stage hypnotists have been in the entertainment industry for over a decade. Many of our comedy stage hypnotists are of world class standard, and perform internationally. Some of our stage hypnotists have even performed in Las Vegas! Some of our comedy stage hypnotists are celebrities, who have been on radio and television. We have professional stage hypnotists that have had their own television series during prime time. All of our comedy stage hypnotists are professional and perform clean, hilarious and fascinating shows.

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show Info

All of our comedy stage hypnotists have their own sound equipment, if required. Comedy stage hypnosis shows work best for crowds of 30 people through to 1000 people. The stage hypnosis show duration is typically 60-90 minutes long. The comedy stage hypnotist requires audience participation. Nobody is forced to be hypnotised, it is done on a voluntary basis. The comedy stage hypnotist will generally select the best subjects, and send the rest of the volunteers back to their seats. In most cases, the public get to see the process of the volunteers being hypnotised.

South Africa's most well known stage hypnotists are: Max Kaan, Ranfinikus and Stefan Junker.

Common Stage Hypnotist requirements
  • About 12 chairs with backrests for the volunteers.
  • Electricity for the sound system.
  • Easy access to the stage for volunteers.
Book a professional corporate comedy stage hypnotist Now.
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